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Post  WaLk3r on Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:56 pm

Before you post an applications, you must read the application process which can be found here:

After you finish reading, please copy and paste the following questions onto your application:

1.) In-game name and previous allies:

2.) Age:

3.) Country and time-zone:

4.) Previous clans (if any):

5.) Are you applying for another clan:

6.) Favorite map:

7.) Favorite mode:

8.) Favorite weapon:

9.) Have you ever been blacklisted before? If so, what for?

10.) Why do you want to join .uD|:

11.) How many days a week do you play Assault Cube:

12.) How did you find out about .uD|:

13.) Do you know any members from .uD| If so which ones:

14.) Post screenshots of some matches (NOTE: To take a screenshot press F12 after every match.):

Good luck all applicants.

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