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Post  WaLk3r on Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:47 pm

Welcome to the .uD| forums! In order to join you must fill out an application. To do so, visit http://ud-clan.forumotion.com/t2-application-template#2. Follow all the directions on that page. DO NOT wear the clan tags unless your application has been accepted by a leader of .uD|

In order to make sure that our members are loyal to the clan, our application process can be a little long. All that depends on how active you are. If you are active and post lots of screenshots on your application, we can make a quicker decision on whether to accept you or deny you. However, if you are hardly ever on the forums, or in-game, your application could take much longer. To help you succeed, we have put together a list of tips that will help you have a greater chance of being accepted.

1.) Visit the forums daily.

2.) Try to play Assault Cube as much as you can. (We understand about peoples busy lives, but if you aren't going to be on for a while, make sure you let us know on your application.)

3.) Be kind to players in the community and try to help as much people as possible.

4.) Play lots of matches with .uD| members and post all screenshots (good or bad.)

5.) Have fun!

We look for player with a good attitude. Not only that, but we look for players who listen. If you have read this post, please write "Food" at the top of you application. Doing this will increase the chances of you making it because we know that you really read this post and didn't just say you did.

Besides from all that, here is how our application process works. More than half the clan must vote F1 on your application is order to be accepted as a probationary member. (PLEASE NOT THAT PROBATIONARY MEMBERS PROCESS WON'T START UNTIL THEIR ARE 4 MEMBERS IN THE CLAN. UNTIL THEN, IF MORE THAN HALF THE CLAN VOTES F1, YOU WILL BE ACCEPTED AS A FULL MEMBER. SINCE WE ONLY HAVE 1 MEMBER SO FAR, I'M LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO HELP RUN THE CLAN.) Once accepted as a probationary member, our clan will hold a poll in our private section of the forum. This poll will last 7 days and again, atleast half the clan will have to vote F1. After 7 days we will post on your application whether you have been accepted as a full-time member or denied. Probationary is basically for us to make sure you represent the clan and wear the tags with pride. Probationary members wear the tags like this .uD?| Full-time members wear the tags like this .uD|

If you have any questions feel free to ask a leader or council. Good luck with all your applications!

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